In fact, the majority of them do and sometimes they are decided by the agency. Lavender runs one of the busiest Angel escorts agencies in London from, and she thought it would be nice if everything ran on a theme. After all, she says, my name is the name of an herb, so why shouldn’t we work on a bit of theme. It makes it more fun. Also, many of our gents say that it is easier to remember a girl professional name this way. I think she may be onto something.

So, works for Lavender and her Angel escorts agency? Lavender says that she tries to come up with a herbal name that suits the girl. For instance, I have Diamond working for me, says Lavender. Spending time with Diamond can be a nice and soothing experience. Diamond can give you a delicious sensual and relaxing massage which melts all your stress away in no time at all. Being with her is an experience of pleasure and relaxation, and when you leave the gentle hands of Diamond, you are ready to take on the world once again.

Then I have the lovely Chilena. We often forget that pepper is a herb that can be used to treat health problems. Chilena is one of my top Angel escorts and she is really hot and spicy, just like pepper. As a matter of fact, you can say that she is a right little fire cracker at times.

When a gent spends time with her, he needs to be prepared for a hot and interesting ride. It will be stimulating date, and you can expect a lot of little small explosions during an incall with Chilena here in London, laughs Lavender.

Then we have Blondie. There is a very good name for one of my blonde Angel escorts. She has the most amazing blonde hair which of course stems from her Danish roots. She is also very popular with my gents but I honestly think that the best way to describe this stunning young Danish lady is to call her Blondie. She is just the perfect Danish blonde match with a nice calm personality. Blondie has the ability to put anybody at ease and the perfect smile is always on her lips. All gents enjoy her company and seem to want to smile with her.

It sounds like Lavender has been able to come up with the perfect recipe to run an escorts agency just right. She loves her girls and she has certainly been able to find some very artistic names to describe both the girls looks and personality. It can be quite a challenge to find good names for Angel escorts, and coming up with a them certainly helps a lot. Lavender has been running her Angel escort agency successfully now for ten years, and it very much sounds like she has the perfect recipe for success. Long may it continue.